pet sitting

A Better Care proudly provides the highest quality pet care services available, and firmly believes that quality care entails far more than merely providing animals with food, water, and bathroom breaks. During each pet caring service, we will ensure that your animals’ every need is lovingly tended to, and will provide amenities including the following: 

Upon request, A Better Care will gladly send you updates (via phone, email, or text message) so you can relax with the peace of mind that your animals are thriving in our care, and will perform basic household tasks, including watering plants, bringing in the mail and newspaper, taking out/bringing in trash and/or recycling, and altering lights and blinds.

⦁ Dog walking and potty breaks
⦁ Playtime
⦁ Fresh food and water
⦁ Medication administration
⦁ Companionship and TLC
⦁ Litter box/cage/crate maintenance
⦁ Clean up of pet-related accidents
⦁ A note detailing relevant information from our time with your animals


Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting & Boarding Rates
Additional Pets (24hrs)
$10.00 per night
Simple Overnight Pet boarding (24hrs)
$44.00 per night
Unscheduled 8 hr Pet Sitting (overnite additional)
$2 per hour
60 Minute Pet Sitting Visit
$37.00 per visit
45 Minute Pet Sitting Visit
$29.00 per visit
30 Minute Pet Sitting Visit
$27.00 per visit
Pet Sitting & Boarding Fees
Incidental services: $20 per 30 minutes, $30 per hour
Holiday fee: $10 per day added to all services provided on major holidays
Cancellation fee: Cancellations with more 6 days notice are subject to a fee
Key pick up/drop off service fee: $15 per trip
Consultation: FREE with reservation for pet sitting services; $20 without a reservation

Recommended Gadgets


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