Treasure and Preserve

A Better Care 4 Your Pet is dedicated to assisting you in putting your beloved pet to rest. We understand your sorrow in this difficult time, and have made it our mission to give your departed pets a dignified memorial while you find comfort in knowing your dog, cat, or little one is in good hands. A Better Care 4 Your Pet will come to your residence and bring him/her back to our facility. If you are working with a veterinarian, they can assist you in this process as well. We work with many vet hospitals in the area and are able to come to them after you have left. Your deepest concerns are felt by us, allow A Better Care 4 Your Pets to provide your family member with the love care and dignity they deserve.

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Pet Cremation

Communal Cremation
Under 100lbs
Over 100lbs
Over 150lbs
Over 175lbs
Over 200lbs
Truly Private
76lbs - 100lbs
101lbs -125lbs
126lbs - 150lbs
Over 150lbs
$295.00 and $4.00 per pound over 150

Urns To Honor Your Pal

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