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Just like everyone else in your family, pets get sick sometimes. In fact, one in three pets will need unexpected veterinary care each year. And it isn't just older dogs and cats, either. According to claims data, dogs under the age of one are actually 2.5 times more likely than their older brethren to have an unexpected visit to the vet. And while every parent wants to provide their pets with the best care possible, sometimes the high costs can force you to ask your vet for less expensive alternatives.

pet cremations dog
pet cremations dog

Every Six Seconds

Every six seconds, a pet parent is faced with a vet bill for more than $1,000. These days, there are more lifesaving diagnostics and treatments – like MRI, surgery and chemotherapy – available to our pets than ever. But with advancing veterinary medicine comes rising costs. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the cost of veterinary care has more than doubled over the past 10 years.

The Best Decision

You want to make the best decision for your pet, regardless of cost. That's where A Better Care 4 your Pet comes in. By using our company's benefits, you can have peace of mind that, should your pet get sick or injured, your costs can be covered. After all, when your four-legged family member isn’t well, the last thing you want to do is worry about how you’re going to pay for it all.

pet cremations dog
pet cremations dog

We can make finding lost pets easier! Pet Photo Identification Information Cards are also available for each family’s Pet.



Pet Identification

pet cremations cat

In the event your pet passes at your home, we can provide a Home Removal Service.

Pet Removal

Pet Removal

pet cremations urn

A Better Care 4 Your Pet which is located in Lehigh Acres, Florida and offers pet cremation as an option for grieving pet owners to treasure and preserve. 

Pet Cremation

Pet Cremation

pet cremations memorial

The loss of a pet impacts people in many ways and a great way to deal with this grief can be through a memory.

Pet Memorial

Pet Memorial


Our pet sitting services will give you peace of mind when you are away from your furry loved ones.

Pet Sitting

pet sitting

pet cremations cat
Pet Cremations

"A Better Care 4 Your Pet helped me and my family through a tough time when our long time friend past away. They are the best at what they do!"

What Our Customers Say

- Andrew Smith

pet cremations dog

We endeavor to creatively provide new ways of comfort for our best friends.

Better Care 4 Your Pet offers pet cremations, urns, memorials and more to help your remember and honor your beloved pets. 

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Pet Cremation

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Why should I get pet health insurance? 


People often claim that that pet insurance is too expensive. However, when you think about it paying a bit per month could end up saving your furry friends' life. Vet bills can be overwhelmingly expensive, up to thousands of dollars. You may end up in a situation where you end up having to decline treatment for your pets because you can’t afford the bills. No one wants to have to face this decision, which could end up costing your pets life. Many people in this situation have to turn to an option commonly referred to as “economic euthanasia”. Economic Euthanasia is when the owner of a sick pet can’t afford treatment and instead has to euthanize the pet. Pet insurance covers accidents, such a torn ligaments, illnesses such as cancer and arthritis, or optional general wellness which covers vet visits. A Better Care 4 Your Pets is working to develop pet care health plans to alleviate the financial pressure that can come with ensuring healthy and happy lives for our furry (or even scaly) family members. If you have any questions about the pet health insurance offered by A Better Care 4 Your Pets. 

Does A Better Care 4 Your Pets offer cremation services? 


A Better Care 4 Your Pet is dedicated to assisting you in putting your beloved pet to rest. We understand your sorrow in this difficult time, and have made it our mission to give your departed pets a dignified memorial while you find comfort in knowing your dog, cat, or little one is in good hands. A Better Care 4 Your Pet will come to your residence and bring him/her back to our facility. If you are working with a veterinarian, they can assist you in this process as well. We work with many vet hospitals in the area and are able to come to them after you have left. Your deepest concerns are felt by us, allow A Better Care 4 Your Pets to provide your family members with the love care and dignity they deserve. A Better Care 4 Your Pets also offers horse cremation as an option for grieving horse owners to treasure and preserve the unconditional and pure love & acceptance of your special friend. 


Does A Better Care 4 Your Pets offer Pet Photo Identification services? 


We can make finding lost pets easier! Pet Photo Identification Information Cards are also available for each family’s Pet. We can make finding lost pets easier! Our Pet Identification is available for each pet in the family. We cover all the information that is needed to go on a pet ID so that way they can be correctly identified if he is ever lost. When you sign up for pet health coverage you will automatically receive a Pet I.D. card that has all your pets information that will help make it quick at the vet. 

Does A Better Care 4 Your Pets offer Pet Sitting and Boarding services? 

A Better Care proudly provides the highest quality pet care services available, and firmly believes that quality care entails far more than merely providing animals with food, water, and bathroom breaks. During each pet caring service, we will ensure that your animals’ every need is lovingly tended to, and will provide amenities including the following: 

Upon request, A Better Care will gladly send you updates (via phone, email, or text message) so you can relax with the peace of mind that your animals are thriving in our care, and will perform basic household tasks, including watering plants, bringing in the mail and newspaper, taking out/bringing in trash and/or recycling, and altering lights and blinds.


⦁ Dog walking and potty breaks

⦁ Playtime

⦁ Fresh food and water

⦁ Medication administration

⦁ Companionship and TLC

⦁ Litter box/cage/crate maintenance

⦁ Clean up of pet-related accidents

⦁ A note detailing relevant information from our time with your animals

Does A Better Care 4 Your Pets offer Pet Replacement? 


Unfortunately, the joy of owning a pet goes hand-in-hand with the heartbreak of losing one. I truly do believe that your heart is big enough to accommodate another. Animals like cats and dogs just have a way of working their way into our hearts, probably because they are so innocent, so in the moment, so willing to give us that unconditional love that we never get from another human being.I just think that in a family, it’s important to make room for the feelings of other members, and we can’t expect everyone to feel the same way we do about important matters such as this.


Does A Better Care 4 Your Pets offer Pet Memorials


The loss of a pet impacts people in many ways and a great way to deal with this grief can be through a memory.

A wonderful way to honor your pet is to have a memorial service. It can range from a simple quiet event with your family to a fully catered afternoon with all his/her puppy or kitty friends invited. It allows for closure, honor, love and a place for your grief.


Let yourself do what feels right. A memorial service can be held at any time, so do not feel pressured. You will know in your heart if this is the way you would like to honor your pet. This is a way for you and anyone who also feels the loss of your pet and is grieving with you. It is not at all uncommon for friends, family, or even your neighbor to have a connection to your pet and would also like to gather with you in remembrance.


A Better Care 4 Your Pets also offers pet cremations and a wide variety of beautiful urns and keepsake to help you remember your beloved friend.